Inspiring Interview, IWD 2019

To celebrate IWD 2019, WGEF interviewed Mercy Doreen, is a WGEF member and Women representative Nwoya District. Here are her inspiring words and ideas around being a leader:

What does being a leader mean to you?

To me being a leader meant that one that inspire/ exercise moral and ethical courage as well as setting his or her own rightful examples for the people that she leads them to follow.

Why is it important for women to be in positions of leadership?

When we have women in a leadership positions I greatly believe that there are so many benefits that the nation can achieve. It inspires women to believe in themselves that they too can done beyond what the culture preaches.

We women are soft in the heart (Empathetic) so they can have upper hand in bargaining and solving difficult situation than men issue which in the end can be of great benefits to all the community.

What changes when women have a seat at the table? 

More women are inspired to become leaders, hence fair hearing which balance the level of inequality between men and women.

There will be more peace within the homes/communities/entities and country at large because women bring in different perspectives and managing styles when handling a particular issue with high level of honesty.

 How has WGEF supported your leadership capabilities? 

First of all, it has really build strong self-esteem as initially I was a very shy and reserved lady. The exposure has really made me understand the hard conditions that other fellow ladies go through thus making me more understanding and accepting them just as they are.

I have improved on my listening skills, self-presentation, more flexible to change and build more team spirits. WGEF gave me an opportunity to speak publicly this took away all my fear to express my views while encouragement in doing other work for others.

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