International Women’s Day 2024

An annual day to reflect on the role that gender plays in our lives, work, and our planet. It is a day to reflect on the lives and challenges women face globally, difficult journeys taken, consider our successes and recognize what we have lost, and find a way to move forward. At WGEF we’d like to share stories of hope and what is possible.

Gulu, International Women’s Day, 2024

Together, we can rewrite the narrative surrounding menstrual health, championing it as a natural, essential part of life.

One of the most heartwarming HPI success story is that of Amina, a bright and determined young girl from Payibona village Gulu District. In the past, Amina struggled to attend school during her period, often resorting to using old rags or leaves. However, after the HPI program entered her school, she received monthly supplies of sanitary pads and invaluable knowledge about menstrual hygiene and health, Amina’s life took a remarkable turn! She was able to continue her education consistently and with dignity. Excelling in her studies, Amina enrolled in nursing school at Gulu University Medical School – even before completing her program, she became a role model for other girls in her community.

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Caught In Between: Women and Conflict in Gaza, 5 Months Later

—Karen Sugar, Founder and Director of Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF)

This year, on IWD, we must include and recognize the women and children suffering, starving, dying in Gaza. We stand with the women of Gaza, calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. As a feminist organization focused on human rights for all, we demand an end to a conflict which has killed over 31,000 civilians, 70% are women and children. Women are disproportionately impacted in this conflict.

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