Celebrating Mothers and All Who Care for Their Families, Communities, and Mother Earth!

“One of the strongest connections is that of being a mother ~ which can mean many things ~ all of our clients are mothers. They are taking care of their children, children who were orphaned because of a long conflict, taking care of their families and each other, taking care of the land, water, and their communities.”

— Karen Sugar, WGEF Founder & Executive Director

Today I celebrate mothers day with JoyI’m entering my permanent house that I constructed from my own saving for 5 years.

Nancy, 48 a mother of 6 children, spent 14 years in IDP (Internally Displaced Camp) during the insurgence of LRA. She, like many, lost everything and depended on rations from WFP. Nancy joined WGEF 6 years back and has been running her agro business in the Gulu District.

“I set up 2 goals when in joined WGEF (1) To educate all my children and (2) To construct a decent house. I have achieved both my children all are in school. One graduated this year and today I’m entering my new house” 

“Thank you WGEF for empowering my family.”

— Nancy – WGEF – Beneficiary Gulu

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