Interview with Rose Okong

To celebrate IWD 2019, WGEF interviewed Rose Okong, a WGEF member and vice-chairperson and Women Representative. Here are her inspiring words and ideas around being a leader:

What does being a leader mean to you?

For me being in a leadership position, you are expected to look ahead and send voice out of my fellow women and my community means a lot to me. I feel proud that our community has started entrusting leadership to us women, this has shaped me as I aspire to leave by example and make sure that issues affecting my community especially women and children are prioritized.

What changes when women have a seat at the table?           

Women bring  unity because they love peace, and have better bargaining potential and skills when it comes to negotiations. Women are resilient and consistent therefor better decision makers.

How has WGEF supported your leadership capabilities?

WGEF empowered me with skills to unite and mobilise people in my community. Men and children to. I’m able to communicate in the meetings at the sub county where I represent my village because I have got the confidence that which I gained by participating with the different WGEF programs. By participating in WGEF’s Access to Justice program it gave me passion for leadership.

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