Menstrual Hygiene Day, 2019

Healthy Periods Initiative

Keeping Girls in School!

“I don’t miss school because of my period anymore. I like going to school because I don’t get embarrassed by students. All educated girls become contributors to their families and I want to be among them” 
Alice, Lucky Girls beneficiary

Addressing Menstrual Health Challenges

Sofia Akello from Gulu District had to drop out of school at primary 5 after she missed her final exams because of her period. “When I started menstruating, I had many hard days, she explains “I could not get myself any materials to use to stop myself from soiling my clothes, it was better for me to stay at home rather than go through that shame at school and that was the end of my education.

Thank you so much for the opportunity,
Sofia Akello, Healthy Periods Initiative beneficiary 

“I feel I have regained my pride as a young woman

Over the last two years, WGEF distributed over 2.5 million sanitary pads to 16 schools and 3 refugee camps across the region. Every month WGEF staff and a partnering doctor from Gulu University visit 16 schools, providing resources, critical information, and answering questions.

Healthy Periods Initiative: improving health and creating livelihoods – join us! 

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