Uganda Decides 2021 – Supporting Women’s Participation in Leadership

As the general elections take place on 14th January 2021, 25 women from WGEF’s Leadership Development Initiative are running for office! Participating and creating change at all levels in their communities is key to advancing gender equality.

Why We Run:

“The day my friend Night 32 years old and mother 2 children died while giving birth in a health center being attended to by doctors and nurses who had to stand by and just look by because they facility lacked medical equipment and drugs. Because the only health center did not have blood my friend and neighbor died like many other women do in Uganda on average 16 women die every day while giving birth and the cause of death can be addressed who can do it’s me and women when they join the mainstream leadership that can influence and cause change” …says Jane

Though Uganda’s legal framework on political competition does not discriminate against women, and have policies that encourage women to participate, the social, economic and cultural construct of Uganda’s society unfortunately creates obstacles to women’s participation in politics.

Thru ongoing, relevant and comprehensive leadership development trainings, WGEF has been instrumental at creating a path for all women to engage and participate in policy development and government at all levels. We believe when women lead, families, communities and nations win! Join our leadership revolution!

For more information, to donate or get involved, please contact Karen Sugar, Director email hidden; JavaScript is required

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