Stories From Gulu, Summer 2022

HPI Helps Keep All Girls in School and Safe!

“Every Day Is a Step to My Dream”
– Dorah, HPI participant

“When our school told us that school has been closed because of COVID, and that we would stay home indefinitely, and would tell us when we are return to school. “I got scared, because when we are in school our friends from HPI program brings us sanitary pads every month, and also talk to us and constantly remind us that, we need to be assertive and chose our help carefully, concentrate on our education, and focus at achieving our dreams.”

“Unfortunately, the gap was small but almost costed my future I was raped by those who were supposed to protect me. But I’m grateful that the school allowed be back to school with my baby and I’m determined to complete my education. The day when our senior woman followed us during COVID-19 lock down I will never forget, and always reminded women support fellow women as sisters and mother to daughter we all win, when all us complete our education we will have better life.

I dream of that day when all girls in my village are educated and they have jobs our community, will automatically change and the answer is simple is to remove the barriers to our education.

Thank you, our friends, in WGEF for inspiring and empowering future leaders in my community by ensuring all girls like me go to school and stay there until they complete.  – Dorah, 15,

Please support our Health Periods Initiative ~ It’s the best chance to keep girls in school, creating opportunities and facilitating dreams.

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