Women’s Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Beyond!

The elevation of women’s voices and leadership is crucial during and after the COVID-19 pandemic as women and girls are more likely to suffer the negative social and economic consequences of the crisis. As a women right’s organization, WGEF has prioritized the specific needs of women aspiring for leadership. We train, encourage, provides technical resources for women running for elected office in Uganda.

As Uganda is preparing for the 2021 general election. It’s time to encourage and support women to aspire for political elected positions at all levels. We believe women are natural leaders, at a grassroots level, the leadership of empowered women can have a significant impact on protecting women and girls because they understand the contextual needs of those communities and what works most effectively on the ground. While women are more at-risk due to the pandemic, they are also better placed to act as community-based social mobilizers and agents of change.

We are celebrating 35 powerful women from our leadership program! These confident leaders have already won their parties ticket to represent their community at different levels. Including our Senior Peer Counselor Prisca who has been elected to represent her community as Gulu City Women Representative. 

We believe having women in leadership positions will harness the positive impact of women’s leadership and address gender imbalance in decision making in Uganda’s COVID-19 response and influence other social issues affecting their communities, such as increasing funding, equitable policy development, and programs to prevent gender-based violence (GBV), provide SRH services, and offer specific economic assistance.

We can progressively build gender equal societies by championing and advocating for women’s leadership in their own communities.

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