A Call That Saved My Baby’s Life—And My Own—During The Covid-19 Lockdown

Due to restrictions on public transportation and reduced capabilities at local health care facilities created by the COVID-19 lockdown, many expectant mothers in northern Uganda do not have access to lifesaving healthcare. Some have died while attempting to walk to the nearest health facility; others have died due to complications that cannot be handled at a village facility. Unfortunately, the loss of life extended to their babies. WGEF’s local team has been doing our part to reduce these heartbreaking situations by providing another option to pregnant women via our toll-free line. When expectant mothers reach out, we have been responding and transporting them to a capable facility. We have safely saved many.

On July 22, 2020 we received a distress call from one of our peer counselors, Alice, who was expecting.  Unfortunately, she’d developed complications that were too severe for the resources in her village.

When my water broke, I footed to the nearby health center, I was examined, the doctor told me my pressure is hiking and my blood count was low and I needed transfusion and be prepared for an emergency cesarean delivery as soon as possible to save both me and my baby. But their facility does not handle that and they referred me to Lacor hospital located in Gulu 68km away. It was already 9:00pm in the night and no public means was available, the health center where I was, did not have a standby ambulance. I was stuck and every one was getting worried as my condition continued to worsen. I straightaway remembered our toll-free services based at WGEF office and called them immediately for rescue. In less than two hours our Program Director picked me up and delivered us safely to Lacor hospital, who helped me deliver my live baby and saved me too. Thank you WGEF family we are both safe and healthy.

—Alice, Peer Counselor

There are currently 5,101 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uganda. At WGEF, we continue to share information and encourage the community to adhere to the rules set by the government to combat the pandemic. We are paying special interest to maternal and child health, which are badly affected. We remain dedicated to providing uninterrupted assistance to disadvantaged women, and would be most grateful for any incoming assistance to help us continue fulfilling this mission.

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