Literacy Program Update

This year, our goal is to continue to grow and expanded opportunity for adult literacy leaning to more women in Gulu. 216 women are participating at 2 learning centers in Gulu. Our program is reflective to the needs of women in the community and offers children the opportunity for early child development.

For the month of July women participate once a week to allow them time to attend to their agro business in this weeding period.

Impact on Beneficiaries:IMG_1609

  • The training has improved social communication for learners working in markets, they bargain well with their customers which has reduced on loses in their business and improved income.
  • Women are participating in other social programs provided by the government which has e improved their participation in policy formulation at lower levels hence fostering leadership development among learners at this time in Uganda there are country wide consultation for many political aspirants for the upcoming general election early next year in Feb 2016 women are participating in this process and they can present their proposals..
  • All learners can read and write their names, they can read this has built their self esteem
  • The basic business skills (business planning, and marketing). 2 model functional learning field have been set where women in the program experiment on best agro  practices which include fruit and vegetable  growing this has improved household income and nutrition all learners has a model garden at their homes.

“Illiteracy disempowered me for long time, and alMary Okenymost killed my ambitions as it does for many women in our community, for long I could not tell my views always feared but this is no more. When you lean so many things changes in your life a feel of being important, and the willingness to stop self isolation Is what I have discovered and I’m a happier and powerful woman than ever before.”

Thank you for the opportunity,

Mary Okeny –WGEF Client Gulu


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