8th Annual Drama Festival – Kikopo Pa Mon

Our 8th Annual Drama Festival will be on October 2nd and 3rd this year in Gulu. The focus of this years events will be: Women and Gender Equity in Civic Participation

Why Civic Participation?
Due to the current political situation in Uganda, and heading into the 2016 elections, gender equity and civic engagement are more important than ever. The topic was chosen by WGEF peer counselors and staff. The day’s events will take place at the TAKS Art Center and the Hotel Bornah in Gulu Town.

In past years, the annual festival has addressed issues of gender inequality, violence, land rights, food security, HIV/AIDS and other issues facing women in northern Uganda. As part of WGEF’s drama competition, Kikopo Pa Mon, women in our Credit Plus program create original plays highlighting their stories using music, drama, and dance.

Women use the unique opportunity as a vehicle to directly speak to the men and community leaders who are in attendance. Because the issues addressed are sensitive and can be difficult to discuss directly, using music, dance and drama offers a different way to communicate while providing many other benefits including maintaining and celebrating cultural traditions. The festival events provide a stigma-free environment in which to talk about sensitive subject matters; it promotes unity and team building, elevates women’s voices, and offers the opportunity to be creative and innovative. Th weekend is a celebration of the Acholi culture and history.

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