After Succeeding in Business, I Now Have a Voice in My Family

In her own words, interviewed by Bukenya Muusa, WGEF Program Director:

Mary aged 30, has 5 children and dropped out of school at age 12.

“Before attending WGEF’s business skills training,” she says, “I was not doing any business but was depending on my husband for everything. I would endure all harsh words from my husband in order to survive. We briefly separated because I could not sustain the stress in our marriage.”

While staying with her sister home, she visited with the district chairperson who came to inform them about a business-related training organized by Women’s Global Empowerment Fund. She got interested and confirmed her participation. In that training, she learnt three critical issues that have enabled her to start and grow her business: diversification of business, how people have the same brain, ability, and how to save and invest.

After the training, she sold her goat for $29 and cultivated one acre of maize while at the same time brewing local ginger beer to support her farming activity. Mary has increased her savings with her group and used part of the savings to buy five goats valued at $32 each and has since multiplied them to 8 goats.

Mary’s capital has increased from $29 to $490; from farming, she raises an average of $217 per season and monthly sales of $21 from handmade ornaments.

“My husband came back and begged for forgiveness because he saw the progress in me and the family as we were feeding well and dressing properly,” Mary says. “We no longer have fights but rather support each other. We are able to keep our children in school and have started constructing a house.

Long live WGEF — Mary Omoro District Uganda

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