Once a Victim, I’m a Champion

Once a Victim, I’m a Champion

I’m Atim Mary, a 36 year-old single mother with two daughters. I was formerly abducted and experienced all sorts of violence. Before joining WGEF I lived an isolated life, even when the community did not discriminate against me I discriminated myself. I lacked a voice and I had no one to speak to. My turning point was when a group of four members requested form a group with me. I attended both business and Domestic Violence trainings offered by WGEF, what I learned was that I’m not alone, and I got inspired to lift myself up again.

I received a $50 loan from WGEF, which supported me to start a business of selling clothes, initially moving door to door, now I’m owning my own boutique. My children and I live a simple and decent life. I can support my children. I’m an advocate for my fellow women suffering violence in silence and I’m a community leader representing my fellow women at the division council in Gulu district.

Thank you WGEF for turning me from a victim to a champion. Happy Mother’s Day.

Atim Mary, WGEF Client in Gulu Uganda

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