WGEF Believes Women are Natural Leaders

From street vending to serious business women and now to political aspirants. Our credit plus program​, focusing on leadership development,​ has produced 7 women aspirants in the upcoming general elections. ​From now until election day​ they ​will ​receive training​ and support;​ sharpening th​eir ​public speaking and leadership skills. They are to be the representatives of the many silent voices for women in Gulu​ region,​ work​ing​ their way to self determination and challenging systemic inequalities in political representation. Contestants include:IMG_2355

  1. Janet Omona
  2. Prisca Aloyojok
  3. Silvia Acan
  4. Vicky Otim
  5. Grace Oum
  6. Betty Ocan
  7. Midred

We hope you are inspired! Thank you for your support!

Karen and Bukenya​

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