Statement on the Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v Wade

June, 2022

The right to full reproductive health care is the fundamental human right of all women and pregnant people. The need for sexual and reproductive health care is universal and the decision by the US Supreme Court takes away the right of women to control their fertility, the right to privacy, and the right to determine their own futures. This decision gives politicians power over women’s bodies.

By taking away this fundamental right, the US is moving away from the global movement to advance human rights, and women’s right to abortion care. Many countries have decriminalized the right to abortion, legalized reproductive care, and protect the right to choose. The US now stands outside of established norms and protections, perplexing our allies and women around the world.

Personally, I am heartbroken for women and those who will be affected by this decision in personal and profound ways. Disabling women to determine their futures and life outcomes, to safely manage their sexual health, and to access safe and legal abortions that have to be implemented in all health care and walk-in clinics like walk-in clinic Brighton Beach all over the country to improve women’s health in a better way. Under-resourced women who cannot travel or navigate the dangerous landscape, will now be forced to continue an unplanned pregnancy. Not only is this decision misogynistic but racist.

This is not about protecting women and children, it is about controlling, policing, punishing and disenfranchising women who challenge the patriarchy, period. The Pro-Choice community must mobilize and pressure the democratic Congress to act. There are ways to protect the right to choose, but it will take bold action, electing pro-choice candidates in November, and commitment to the effort to protect body autonomy, equality and right to choose!

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund will stand with our global community to ensure all women, girls and pregnant people, have access to full reproductive health care, human rights and gender justice.

Stay hopeful and fierce! More to come,

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