It Feels Great To Be An Independent Successful Business Woman And Land Lord

img_3252Vicky Acan is 33 years old, married and a mother of 4 children. She runs a restaurant business in Layibi, she employs 3 waitresses to support her business which serves between 150 to 200 customers a day.

Vicky is a former victim of domestic violence who separated from her husband 7 years back and decided to live a single life together with her children. She joined WGEF in 2010 with a group of 6 members each running different small businesses but both stay and sell in the same market. The group members support one another. Last year 2015, Vicky’s group requested and applied for a group loan of $800 from WGEF to support Vicky on her goal of buying a house where she operates her Restaurant business. Successfully the group has since repaid back her loan to WGEF, Vicky was able to buy her house and continued to grow her business.

“The struggles of my hands, the support from group members, the skills and financial support from WGEF has made it possible for me to be an independent successful business woman and Land lord in Gulu. After setting up a successful restaurant business, I was able to buy a house where I work from, I created employment for my fellow young women who are helping me serve the clients. My life is worth leaving because of the transformational support I received from WGEF” I can independently support my family. I” encourage my fellow women to dream big, support one another and never fear to bring out their ideas” 

Thank you WGEF for empowering women like me in Uganda.”

Vicky Acan
Business Woman – Gulu Town

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