Concy’s Story: Inspired Farmer and Community Leader

Akello Concy 31 years, married with 4 children, I joined the WGEF Loan program in 2010 when I was starting my new life from IDP Camp to resettle in my Village. We hardly had no where to start from, no shelter, no food, and no income at all. Only what I had was hope and resilient.  I joined WGEF in 2010 and was given training and an agro loan of $ 90 to open my land, I started with vegetables growing on a small scale, Now I grow 5 hectares of vegetables and sweet potato’s which I sell ant my stall in the market fresh from my garden.

My business feeds my family, my children are healthy and all go to school.  I’m the peer counselor from my village, I advise my fellow women who are faced with challenges in life this brings joy and pride inside me “EVERY WOMAN CAN SUPPORT A FELLOW WOMAN IN SO MANY WAYS ANYWHERE” Being a leader at the grassroots level gives me the opportunity to represent issues affecting women in my village I’m so happy that I can stand and speak in front of a gathering that includes men with confidence. This is a dream coming true

Thank you WGEF for supporting Women in Uganda — Akello Concy


To support the many women, like Concy, who participate in WGEF programs, please consider a contribution on Colorado Gives Day. You can schedule your gift now for Colorado’s annual day of giving on Dec. 6, 2016.

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