Celebrating the Collective Voice of Women – IWD 2017

1911 – Over 100 years ago, 1 million women and men from 5 countries took to the streets demanding voting rights for women, equal pay, and the right to hold public office. Fast forward to 2017, women from around the world are marching and organizing calling for equality in jobs, pay, health care & education, challenging policies that create hunger, poverty and violence and raising awareness of climate change and other crisis that negatively impact women around the world.

It is incredible what it taking place globally. Against a backdrop of conflict, misogyny, and attacks on women’s access to reproductive health care in the US, in virtually every country, women are standing strong, and calling for security, economic empowerment, and a voice at the decision making table. In China they are gathering on the Great Wall, in Paris they are taking a boat down La Seine, in Gulu, women are mobilizing for equality, millions of participants are demonstrating their solidarity for women survivors of war and calling for stronger women all around the world.

On International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the connection that all women to be empowered around the world, and especially in war-torn countries, ensuring they have a voice calling for human security, social justice and peace. Let this connection create a call for action, hearing voices of women all around the globe, celebrating the collective voice of women!


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