The Face of Empowerment

Check out our profile in 5280 Magazine! It’s very cool and a good way to share our story and support for women’s empowerment with your community.

Something Big and Beautiful Is Happening!

With the launch of HPI Global, WGEF is expanding the Healthy Periods Initiative, creating local manufacturing centers. Our goal is to have five machines in five centers operating in sub-Saharan Africa. We cannot do this without you! 

Amplifying Women’s Voices, 2018

11th Annual Drama Festival

WGEF Hosts the Youth Advocacy Forum

Get Inspired, Get Informed, Get Organized Women’s Global and VacNet partnered to host a Youth Advocacy Forum for the first time at the Gulu Women’s Resource Center (GWRC) to address chronically high rates of youth unemployment – estimated at 70% in the Gulu District. Youth in the region have limited participation in the planning and […]

The Latest From Gulu Women’s Resource Centre, GWRC, Gulu!

Access to Justice Volunteers Trained in Human Rights Protection & Paralegal Services

World Population Day 2018

As part of Gulu Women’s Resource Centre’s goal of providing women and community with current and critical information. GWRC hosted an information exhibition that attracted civil society, NGO, and Gulu University and Government departments…

Breaking the Silence – Domestic Violence Training for Peer Counsellors

I feel I have the right skills and I clearly understand my personal qualities, I will be able to take actions to lead women in my community to protest against domestic violence against any body in my Community

A Nite to Remember in NYC

On May 22nd, we gathered in our NYC uptown store for a panel on ambition & purpose with some of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs we know. A lively discussion on creativity, challenges, motherhood, and motivation ensued. Proceeds from the event benefited the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, a non-profit dedicated to improving women’s rights and resources worldwide. […]

Colfax Marathon 2018

More than 20 WGEF supporters ran in events at the Colfax Marathon on Sunday, May 20 to raise money and awareness for WGEF’s literacy program. Our runners had a great day participating in the marathon relay, half marathon, and marathon. Two of our relay teams placed and WGEF was awarded cash prizes.

Peer Counselors End Year with Reflection & Team Building

A sense of excitement, gratitude and joy was all over when a-team of 46 peer counsellors and group chairpersons from 5 Districts, mate at Gulu Women’s Resource Center to share the achievements of the year and also reflect, learn and plan for a big coming year 2018.