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Now 10! Ten WGEF Clients are aspiring for Political offices in Gulu!

An update from Women’s Global clients in Gulu addressing their political engagement and leadership. An inspiring update!

“At the beginning we only had 7 clients their performance inspired more 3 women from our client to join the race to represent their communities at different levels Margaret, Atim and Jovia.

We continue to support encourage and motivate them to continue exploring their leadership abilities, during the post recovery period addressing systemic inequalities is vital and can be well addressed if women are encourage to join elective offices where key decision concerning their lives are made.”

“If we are to change our community to get better education, clean water, quality health services good and address Domestic Violence in our families women need to be supported to join elective political position”  

Grace Akello Ouma said at her community political Larry as she is competing with 3 men to win back her sit as a woman Representative to Gulu District.

“When we attended the leadership training from WGEF and Vac-Net in 2010 I learnt that Women are naturally leaders right from our families but we often not given the right space to contribute meaningfully, After returning to our Villages where nearly there is no health centers, no clean water, poor roads, and no schools for our children I cannot sit back and wait I have to become a councilor so that my community problems are taken up through me” 

– Margarete  Aliba

Thank you for your support!

Acan Sylvia Thanking WGEF

Save the Date: December 7th – WGEF Holiday Party

Save the Date

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund
Holiday Party
Monday, December 7th

Where: RedLine Gallery, 2350 Arapahoe Street

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A % of Sales Goes Directly to WGEF with our New Partnership with Bolder Bracelets

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Bolder Bracelets.

“When you buy one of our bracelets a portion of the proceeds of each bracelet sale goes directly to WGEF. The text on each bracelet is derived from key concepts from that organization. These sayings take on a life of their own as part of the saying is on the inside of the bracelet and partially on the top. You can stack many of these bracelets and create your own poem!” – Bolder Bracelets

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Fall 2015: Singing for Equality in the 8th Annual Drama Festival

Hear the women in Gulu sing for equality in this video clip from the 8th Annual Drama Festival.

singing for equality