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A % of Sales Goes Directly to WGEF with our New Partnership with Bolder Bracelets

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Bolder Bracelets.

“When you buy one of our bracelets a portion of the proceeds of each bracelet sale goes directly to WGEF. The text on each bracelet is derived from key concepts from that organization. These sayings take on a life of their own as part of the saying is on the inside of the bracelet and partially on the top. You can stack many of these bracelets and create your own poem!” – Bolder Bracelets

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Fall 2015: Singing for Equality in the 8th Annual Drama Festival

Hear the women in Gulu sing for equality in this video clip from the 8th Annual Drama Festival.

singing for equality

Fall 2015: Exploring Gulu with Karen Sugar

To see the photos from the recent trip to Gulu, check out the slideshow by clicking on the image below.

Women’s Global Founder and Director Karen Sugar visited Gulu during the fall of 2015, meeting with clients and preparing for our annual drama festival. Explore some moments from her most recent trip!

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Gulu Client Says, “Before I was blind, now I can see.”

Last Tuesday, we traveled to Lapin Loyo; after very challenging roads we arrived to be greeted by over 50 WGEF clients who live in the village and work/study together at our training centre. While discussing the literacy program, I asked how it impacted their lives and made them feel; here is the one quote which will make your day and is a great reminder of why we do this work.
“Before I was blind, now I can see,” Anek said she now could write her own name and she was proud.
I asked her to share, this is what she showed me above.
This was a powerful and moving moment, which will stay with me always…I hope you are inspired.

Access to Justice Initiative – Field report, September 2015

WGEF is known for the development of unique initiatives relevant to challenges facing women and families in Gulu district, northern Uganda. Today, we had the opportunity to learn how one program is addressing the needs of the community. It was one year ago when WGEF hosted the Access to Justice training at the TAKS center in Gulu. Twenty five women attended the training focused on providing vital information and support services to women and families seeking redress from the justice system. Because women have unique challenges when accessing justice, WGEF and it’s peer counselors are working to provide referrals, support and a hotline to the community.unnamed

Today, Karen spoke with Peer Counselor Chairperson Prisca and Secretary Sylvia (pictured above) who have been leading the initiative along with other Peer Counselors; they have created an effective system that addresses violence, and other issues within their families and community. Cases have included the rape and death of a 3-year old girl, as well as the sexual violence towards a 12-year old girl. In addition, cases around land rights, domestic violence and discrimination have also been addressed.  Prisca, Sylvia and the WGEF Peer Counseling force have become advocates for these girls, their families and others facing inequity or indifference from the legal system.

In the near future, the Access of Justice Initiative will become an independent, community-level organization available to women who experienced a breakage in the justice chain, including sexual violence. WGEF will continue to provide a portion of funding and office space, but it is part of our commitment to empowering women, communities and ‘working ourselves out of a job.’

Prisca explained the hotline and how it works. The hotline or mobile phone is now answered 24/7; Peer Counselors take turns taking care of the phone and any calls that may come in. As Prisca was leaving the office, she grabbed the phone and off she went. WGEF fosters sisterhood amongst women, but the Access of Justice Initiative has developed a community of activists focused on addressing the inequalities within the justice system, while providing collective love and stability.

However, Prisca and Sylvia expressed to us specific needs to increase the outreach of their community-level justice program. The wish list includes:

(3) bikes for transportation
Camera used to document evidence
Computer to efficiently record files, cases, work plans, referral listings, etc
Annual budget for food and miscellaneous costs for affected women and girls, $200

Being in the office today reaffirmed my belief that our program is unique, relevant and creating empowerment, enabling women to rebuild and move their communities forward, determining their own futures thru sisterhood and peace. 

While positive news is hard to find, we hope you are inspired by this report and support this important project. Please contact WGEF if you’d like to help or have questions.


Karen, Bukenya, Erin and WGEF!